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Printed parts made from PLA (Polylactide)

Printing is done with an Ultimaker 3 Extended. Support material (breakaway or PVA) is sometimes used during printing.
The breakaway is easy to remove. The PVA is water-soluble and is only used for very special parts.

Some of the items can be supplied with support material (breakaway only). This must be removed by the customer.
The printer works with tolerances. Small deviations may therefore occur.

Printed parts made of resin

The resin is liquid during printing and is exposed to light. After printing, the components are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with ethanol.
They are then exposed in a UV chamber for a certain period of time to harden.
The gray does not correspond to the gray of the plug-in system parts!

The items are supplied with support material. This must be removed by the customer. Care must be taken when doing this.
The material can be finished with fine sandpaper.


Both printing materials can be painted. They are not intended for outdoor use and are definitely not suitable for children!

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